When women support each other, incredible things happen.
— Author unknown.

 The What

I have a vision where all women everywhere feel loved, supported, and inspired to live their best lives. We can’t do this alone. We could all use a flight crew (or two or three!) as we navigate our lives. What if we scheduled regular times to meet up and have conversations around provocative midlife topics? And what if we included some education with those conversations? This is where Crew Chats come into play. Think of it as Table Topics but just for us midlife women.

The How

I see this as a group of four to five (primarily) women getting together every week, every month, or every other month over snacks and bubbly (alcoholic or otherwise) to talk about what we never talk about. These can be women you want to get to know better . . . or ones you already know really well and want to maintain a strong connection with. Pick a Crew Chief for each Crew Chat to lead the conversation and pose the questions. Feel free to come up with your own based on what you’ve read in the news, a pain (or pleasure) point in your life, or just plain curiosity.

Crew Chat Tips

  • Set a consistent time and place to meet on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly (wouldn’t that be nice?), monthly, or every other month. This is best done in a comfortable and private place.

  • Keep the Crew to four to five. Any bigger and it turns into a party that separates into smaller crews.

  • Whatever is said at the Crew table, stays at the Crew table.

  • Be supportive, and ask probing questions. Go deep!

  • Laughter, tears, anger, and vulnerability are encouraged.

Crew Chat Questions to Get You Started

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline or jumped rope without peeing a little (or a lot)?

What is one thing you would do now that you couldn’t have imagined doing ten years ago?

How can we appreciate what our bodies do for us?

What is your superpower?

What do you feel like you have to let go of in your life and why?

What do you feel like you have aged out of?