Piloting Your Life

are you feeling blindsided by midlife?

You’re not alone, and you’re not crazy!

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Tells the ugly truth and offers hope and solutions.
— Allison (Oklahoma)

Our current culture tells us that midlife (ages 40-65) is a time of unraveling, chaos, and uncertainty for women. This doesn’t have to be true. Our bodies, minds, and lives are changing. Many of us feel off balance, wondering if this is all there is?

Some of us feel completely unprepared. No one told us what to expect, or that midlife is a magical and transformative time of renewal that is just the beginning, not the end.

In Piloting Your Life, diverse women from around the world share their personal stories of learning, growing, and thriving through midlife to inspire you to explore and experiment.

Terri Hanson Mead candidly shares her extensive research on happiness, sex, friendship, money, and health to help you discover and live YOUR life.

It’s time to throw off the chains of embarrassment and shatter the stereotypes for women in midlife.

Disengage autopilot, take the controls, and be the pilot in your own life.


Crew Chats


I have a vision where all women everywhere feel loved, supported, and inspired to live their best lives. We can’t do this alone.

We could all use a flight crew (or two or three!) as we navigate our lives. What if we scheduled regular times to meet up and have conversations around provocative midlife topics? And what if we included some education with those conversations?

This is where Crew Chats come into play.

Find out more about how to get your flight crew together and host your own chats.

It gave me perspective knowing that it’s not me that sucks but that I’m changing for the better and that’s the part that makes me think that
— Candice

"Such a mind blowing read… deeply inspired!”

“Finally, a book that drives the conversation around midlife, menopause, aging, and taking the opportunity to explore who we are and who we choose to become. I am not alone, I am not crazy, and I deserve to own my badassness as it was earned honestly. I love the candor around topics that traditionally have been not discussed. I love the non-judgmental tone and all the inspirational stories from all different types of women. I love the humor and the constant reminders to embrace ourselves. We are special and powerful!”

– Susan

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Terri Hanson Mead

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Terri Hanson Mead is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, expert witness, podcaster, writer, mother, wife, and a commercially-rated helicopter pilot based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about encouraging women to live their best lives, especially those over the age of forty.

She hosts a weekly podcast called Piloting Your Life where she dives deeper into topics in the book and she talks to inspiring women who embody the notion of being the pilots in their own lives letting her natural curiosity bring out these women’s stories.

Visit her Website for more about Terri

Flight Plan


What better way to navigate through midlife than with a Flight Plan. To get a printable PDF of the Flight Plan, subscribe to the Piloting Your Life weekly In-Flight Entertainment and receive periodic updates from Terri on the midlife journey.

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